Lesson Cost:

Typical lessons are one half-hour per week and cost $105 per month.  Hour long lessons are available.

Lesson Structure:

I offer two distinct types of lessons each crafted to the students learning style and needs.  

Traditional Piano Lessons: The goal of traditional lessons is for the student to achieve strong sight-reading skills culminating in the ability to play back any music that is placed in front of them. This is the most common type of lesson. I guide the lessons using a series of piano books called Alfred’s Basic Piano Library. I traditionally use the lesson and theory books during our lessons. The lesson book holds all of the new concepts that we will be learning as well as the music they will practice weekly. The theory book contains various work sheets that drive home the concepts we learned in that weeks’ lesson. Students will also have the opportunity to have me create arrangements for them of music that they are interested in playing; not just what is available in their books.

Theory/Technique Lessons: The goal of theory and technique lessons is to utilize and develop the students ear to learn music. Students will learn music theory concepts like chords and scales with me while we deconstruct popular music. This type of lesson is encouraged for older students (12 years and older) with some piano experience. These lessons will allow the students to be able to play with other musicians and develop a deeper understanding of music. Also, students taking these lessons could choose to focus specifically on Jazz Piano playing as opposed to studying various genres of music. Materials for these lessons vary depending on what the student wishes to learn.

In my studio I adhere to the Minnesota Music Teachers Association code of ethics. Studio Policy