Studio Policies

School year lessons begin in September and go through the end of June (students may start mid year). Summer lessons run from July through August.

Students who begin lessons after the first week of the month will be charged a pro-rated amount for their first month of lessons.

Lesson rates are a monthly charge and are not based on a per lesson cost. The monthly rate takes into account the occasional canceled lesson due to illness or holiday. There is no pro-rating for holidays or illness.

Canceled lessons are not refunded. My monthly rate reflects students having to occasionally cancel lessons.

Holidays when lessons will be canceled: Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July.

If a student is sick their lesson is canceled. This precaution must be taken as all students, as well as myself, share the same instrument.

If the public schools are closed due to snow emergency or extreme temperatures lessons will be cancelled. I will contact students to confirm/cancel lessons on any day that schools are closed.

I will always email and text students in the event of a unscheduled cancellation.


If you are unable to make it to your scheduled lesson time you are always welcome to ask if a reschedule is available.

A reschedule is available when I have an opening in my schedule the same week as the lesson you are missing and are first come first serve. I do not reschedule lessons outside of my normal studio hours.

If a reschedule is unavailable and you cannot make your scheduled lesson time then the lesson is canceled and I will see you at your usual time the following week.


Each school year I may take one Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu off due to family emergency/illness. This is covered by my rate and will not be pro-rated.

I also take one week of vacation in July or August and students will be informed in advance.

If I need to miss additional lessons I will pro-rate all my students monthly charge as necessary.